Law School Requirements

The basic requirements needed for enrolling into law school are somewhat broad. Individuals who attend law school come from different walks of life. Some students enroll into law school straight from an undergraduate college as well as universities, while some first opt to better their experience through practical work. There are a number of people who enroll into law school later on in life when they are looking to change their career path. Regardless of the background of an individual, law school requirements always remain constant and they include:

Admission council

Every individual applying for law school is required to register for an account with LSAC. This is a service provided online and whose main function is to collect recommendation letters, provides online application for different law schools and is in charge of handling the registration of LSAT. This council also charges a minimal fee to forward the necessary information electronically to individual law schools that various candidates apply to. This service is quite significant since it provides the necessary information on each applicant. This in turn helps to improve the processing time through efficient admissions. In order for one to be enrolled into Harvard or other top law schools, they must attain more than average LSAT scores.

Admissions test

Each and every law school applicant is required to complete the required admissions test (LSAT). This test is standard for all law schools and features five sections which should be completed within 35 minutes. The 5 different sections include analytical, logical reasoning, comprehension reading as well as a practical section which is usually not scored. The latter may be tested on any of the categories set. Upon completion of the test, a writing sample is obtained from every individual who sat for the exams. The allocated completion time for this sample is 35 minutes. This sample together with the score for the test is forwarded to various law schools. These results are usually maintained in the records of an applicant for a period of five years. Applicants are not allowed to take this test more than 3 times within a period of 24 months. The scores usually range anywhere between 120 and 180, with the latter being the highest.

Recommendation letters

A good number of the different law schools require two recommendation letters. Law schools usually prefer that the recommendation letters be written by individuals who are completely knowledgeable about the applicant’s personality as well as work ethic. The best professionals to do so include their immediate professor or supervisor. All the necessary information about the applicant on the mentioned areas is included in a form which is provided by the candidate to the professor who then fills it out. This form has a bar code and should be forwarded together with the letter. When LSAC receives it, scanning of the bar code takes place before the letter is added into the applicant’s electronic account. At this point, the applicant is the only one who has the authority to decide to which law schools the letter can be sent to.


When law schools are reviewing an applicant’s records in order to determine whether or not they meet the set requirements, one of the most significant area that they look into is academic and it includes the average grade point attained by the undergraduate. One of the main requirements of LSAC is that the applicant must provide a transcript. This will help to prove that they completed an undergraduate class as well as any other courses taken at various academic institutions and where a degree wasn’t conferred. By making use of the total average grade point attained in every class, LSAC is then able to determine the approved average grade point of an applicant. This is then shared with different law schools. Some individuals usually retake a class for purposes of attaining better grades. However, LSAC only includes the original score when working on the calculation.


This is a highly significant process. How you present your application will determine whether you gain admission into a law school or not. Other than the general information required during application, questions related to character as well as fitness play an important role when it comes to the final decision regarding admission. Every law school requires applicants to provide a personal declaration. Some schools may also request for additional essays, documentations or resume which may come in handy in helping them in their decision making process.

Degree requirement

Before applying to any law school, an applicant is expected to attain a bachelor’s degree. However, it is important to note that the degree attained is not restricted to any discipline. Therefore, this means that law schools take in applicants with degrees from various fields. Due to the fact that law is applicable in any field of employment, a varied student body with knowledge in various backgrounds can be quite useful as it will help to better the learning environment of any school.

By keenly looking through and being aware of all the set law school requirements, you will be able to effectively work towards getting admission to the law school of your choice. In order to attain some of these requirements one has to make the necessary adjustments earlier on since any small mistake that you make will be included into your records and can eventually cost you an admission.

One such area as earlier mentioned has to do with your character and work ethics. In order to ensure that you maintain impeccable records in this area, you can involve yourself in various charitable organizations. Here you get to involve yourself in various activities that help to contribute to the overall well- being of your community. This will definitely act as plus for you when it comes to your character. In regards to the personal statement, it is advisable for you to take some time and speak with the committee in charge of admissions about various aspects of your personality that may not be portrayed in your application. This will help to convince them of your qualification.